Virtual events 

Professional unique solutions for conferences, events. The team is moving common video communication at the level of an attractive virtual event.   

Past events: 

Annual conference with awards

The conference for OVB Allfinanz Česká republika, which took place on April 29 2021, was watched by almost 2,000 financial advisers. It was motivated and promoted, even danced virtually. The whole varied 8-hour program was performed by a professional moderator Libor Bouček. An interview with Olympic winner Eva Samková was also a diversification for the audience. We also did not forget about the online entertainment in the form of an afterparty, which was taken care of by the German DJ Olde, who moved the households of the consultants with his stream directly from the studio.


Educational conference 

The educational conference takes place on 2 dates and was monitored by 1,200 financial advisers. Careful preparation from the microsite, media training, 3D animation to editing the presentation are the highest. There was no observance of all regular rules or testing of all filming participants.


Virtual bar show

Barshow and workshop in one virtual event. Participants from different countries have the opportunity to remotely name their own drink from ingredients that reach them in two directions. The mixing process is performed by a professional bartender together with an English-speaking interpreter.

Virtual Christmas party

We organized a virtual Christmas party, which included funny Christmas greetings from the regions, carols and a tasting of rums, which the participants receive together with Christmas presents.

Viatris Day1

An important day when 2 medical companies officially merged and we were there. Thanks to virtual reality and modern technologies, we have enabled all employees to participate in their important day together. And not only that, we connected 2 studios and transferred the entire hologram of the director to the Slovak studio, as if he were there in person.

Press conference 
We co-organized the grand opening of the PGA National Czech Repulic golf course Oaks Prague.The beautiful golf tournament for selected media and guests culminated in a press conference, which was also attended online by the world-famous course architect Kyle Phillips Golf Course Design and representatives of Troon Privé.

Record to watch - HERE


CEE CM Meeting 
We also organized an international virtual conference for Mylan. It was replaced by 12 speakers from 12 different countries. Thanks to virtual reality and modern technology, we have made it possible for people from all over the world to attend and leave the conference with experiences that are now unique.


Possibilities of virtual studio

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