Event management

Connea, as a company, considers every event to be a unique and exceptional moment of enjoyment in an unusual place, experienced with all senses and which forms the platform for corporate communication.

Our approach is based on the fact that people best remember what they experience themselves. We consider a well-organized event as one of important marketing tools by which we strive to deepen relationships our partners have with their business partners as well as to attract the attention of new ones.

Emotional stimuli that an inventive event evokes positively affect perception of the quality of the service of product offered.

Turn-key creativity

Creativity is not a gift or talent but rather a way of thinking – playful and natural. With us, your events will not vanish. You will get rid of constraints and barriers. We will create new customized, surprising, attractive, and unusual events. Our team will prepare an unconventional theme for an event, will find nontraditional spaces, and will design an extraordinary program including innovative audiovisual effects.

Sometimes the solution is right in front of us but we cannot see it because we are looking for something completely different. With us you will find more possible solutions and together we will engage in a process of creativity through which we will select a solution that will be the best for you. Considering various options, along with connecting pieces of information and using intuition, curiosity, perseverance, imagination, discipline, and the ability to engage in cooperation are the essence of our work.