Marketing strategies

Our approach is based on a general theory of marketing strategy being a process of tactical steps, the aim of which is the effective allocation of limited financial resources of a company for the purpose of increasing sales and maintaining a competitive advantage. In order for a company to be successful in the market and enjoy a greater market share, its marketing strategy should be customer oriented, that is, satisfying his needs, desires, and expectations. It is the satisfied and loyal customer who brings profit to the company in the long-term.

When setting marketing objectives we suggest to our clients to make tactical steps concerning product development, promotional activities, distribution channels, pricing, customer-relationship management, and other factors, most often dated to a specific deadline. Through market research we prepare a marketing strategy, in which we define target market segments, the marketing mix employed to target these segments (advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct sales, direct marketing) and make a proposition for the allocation of adequate corporate resources.